How do I find the rented properties that are the most profitable?

Episode 19:

How do I find the rented properties that are the most profitable?

In today's edition of our video blog you will learn wow do you find rented properties that pay off best?

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Frequently, capital investors ask themselves

  • How does Swiss Life Select select the best providers?
  • What are off-market properties and who usually has access to them?
  • How can private investors gain access to off-market properties?
  • What are the tasks of the Swiss Life Select Product Committee?
  • How can I participate in a Swiss Life Select info seminar?

We answer these and many other questions in our video blog editions.

Here is the transcript of episode 19 to read:

That is our daily job. Swiss Life Select, the Swiss, have the best select in all product areas and the job is to find the best providers. Since I sit on the product committee myself, I know how difficult it is to find the developer, the properties, the locations that pay off particularly well in the abundance of offers.

This is also a very big challenge for us. In addition, if you have the right property and the right location, then you need professionals, real product testers, who check all the details around the property. And for us, that's a team of six product testers who do nothing else all day long but sound out the market and check all the offers up and down.

I then get the best offers for my customers. So if you're wondering how to find the right properties, I can't answer that easily. But I can tell you one thing: You won't find the right property on ImmoScout, because the best properties are off-market properties. Properties to which a private investor normally has no access at all. Properties that are actually intended for foundations, family offices, wealthy private investors and investment companies.

Because they pick the best off-market properties. But we, as the market leader in rented properties, give our clients access to these off-market properties. Because as the market leader, we sell so many rented properties every year, help so many clients to passive income every year, that we are in the league of the professionals, so we have access to these off-market properties.

So if you want to know how to find the best objects, just come to one of our info seminars. Watch me at work. There I will show you how to select a product and location and what the rules of the game are around real estate. Then I think you will get a very good feeling for who could be the right provider for you.

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