Capital investment

Investment real estate

Buy real estate and do not pay yourself. Do you think saving by yourself will make you rich? No! Buy the best real estate on the market and don't pay yourself, because tenants and tax office will pay for you. Wealth accumulation with the help of third parties.

Real passive income, conservative tangible assets, the best locations, high rental income, great tax advantages, tax-free appreciation and real estate that is just booming in the future. These are the topics we are familiar with, in which we also invest ourselves and in which we are absolute professionals.

Ecological new construction

There are many mediocre properties. But really good properties are rare. The best properties have the highest demand from tenants, attract the best tenants and therefore bring the most secure rental income. In a few years, no tenant will rent a property or later buy your property back from you at a great profit without asking about the "ecological footprint" of the property.

Talk to us about ecological top objects, so that you have an important advantage in the long term.

New construction - only the best

Ecological new construction combined with top equipment: underfloor heating, barrier-free access, floor-to-ceiling windows for apartments flooded with light, showers that are flush with the floor, real glass partitions, elegant bathroom fittings, parquet flooring, high ceilings, downlights, electric shutters or Venetian blinds, large balconies or terraces and many other highlights. Success in renting also has a lot to do with your property being better than 95% of the normal apartments on the market. Then you will have fun with it in the long run.

Monument - unique

Monument properties are non-recoverable jewels, in unique locations. Combine extremely high tax advantages with particularly high appreciation potential. You don't want to tax deduct your property over 40 or 50 years, but need tax advantages now, highly concentrated for that? We have more than 30 years of expertise with listed properties, know what is important and show you how to get the best of the best without having to pay for the property yourself, because here too: tenants and the tax office pay for your property for you. Passive income. Real real estate income.

Come to our info seminars and just look at the details. 

Location, location, location

You know the three most important points for safe success with real estate?

So do we! 1st layer, 2nd layer, 3rd layer. And what else is important? Just let us show you the rules of the game we rely on when selecting properties. For the objects of our customers and therefore also for our own objects. Because we always buy together with our customers. Because we have access to the best properties on the market through our Best Select selection.

Through our offering, we often give you as an individual investor access to exclusive off-market properties. These properties are normally only accessible to wealthy family offices, foundations, church congregations or large investment companies.

Rational and emotional - a great product

The really good properties, the best locations, the most future-proof features - when we deal with real estate, the math adds up. The numbers add up for you.

Why do we love such properties so much? Because they are simply also emotionally beautiful investments. 

A savings account, a time deposit account, an insurance policy, a building savings contract or a top property? We can do the math and know how you can accumulate wealth. 

Let's talk: about rational facts, figures and beautiful emotional products that you will love, just as we love them ourselves.