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The basis of our work is always your personal goals and wishes. If we know these, we will find the right real estate solution for you and help you to choose the right property from a broad, market-leading range. In doing so, we pay attention to the greatest possible security.

Martin Kramer

Real EstateSpecialist

Buying real estate is not the best way
"Buying real estate is not the best way, not the fastest way, not the safest way, but the only way to get rich."
This quote from Marshal Field sums up the importance of real estate somewhat exaggeratedly. As a real estate specialist and franchise partner for Swiss Life Select, I stand for continuity and experience with 34 years of company affiliation. In recent years, I have regularly been the most successful real estate broker nationwide and have received several awards for my above-average quality of advice and customer satisfaction.

Are you looking for the best property as an investment? You want to buy real estate at a significantly lower price? You want to buy real estate, but you want tenants and the tax office to pay for it? You are looking for the "hidden champions" on the market? The locations with future potential? You want real estate income? You want to avoid the most common mistakes right away? You want to work with one of the most experienced and successful professionals?

Dominik Spooren

Real estate specialist

Dominik is a valuable support for Martin as a real estate specialist, accompanying him during consultations and viewings. He also takes over the organization of notary appointments and coordinates pre-bookings as well as property allocations. In addition, Dominik demonstrates a high level of competence in the IT field and is extremely reliable. His congenial nature also makes him extremely pleasant to deal with.

Dirk Ludwig

Real estate specialist

Dirk is one of the most experienced real estate specialists in Germany. He handles consultations, viewings and the entire process with clients.

Adelheid Buchacker


Heidi has been a valuable member of our team for over 20 years and is one of our most experienced real estate specialists. She supports Martin in consultations, takes care of the valuations on the qualified preferred list and conducts viewings as well as notary appointments. In addition, she is responsible for administration, leasing and accounting. Heidi plays an essential role in the successful completion of these tasks.

Larissa Kühl


Larissa is an extremely competent manager of the entire back office. She ensures that our team has their backs and carries out her tasks with extraordinary reliability. In addition, she is extremely personable and thus contributes to a positive working atmosphere.

Britta Heidemeier

Real estate specialist

Britta is one of the most experienced real estate specialists in Germany. She handles consultations, viewings and the entire process with clients.

Christoph Gapp

Dipl. expert

Christoph is a professional on our team who specializes in residential handovers, property inspections and expert witness support. He plays a crucial role in ensuring high quality for our clients.

Peter Voß


Peter and Martin have been working closely together for over 29 years. Peter is responsible for notary appointments, viewings and after-sales service. Thanks to his many years of experience in the industry, he has in-depth specialist knowledge. In addition, he is known and loved for his friendly manner.