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How do you build a passive income?
Which locations and properties will boom in the future?
How do you get top objects for ¼ of the normal price?

Passive income.

Buy real estate and don't pay for it yourself. You are looking for the best real estate as an investment? You want to buy real estate at a significantly lower price? You want to buy real estate, but you want tenants to pay it back for you? You are looking for the "hidden champions" on the market? The locations with future potential? You want a real passive income? You want to avoid the most common mistakes in real estate acquisition right away? You want to work with an experienced and successful professional?

Do you think you can become rich by saving yourself? Rather use real passive income. Buy the best real estate on the market and don't pay for it yourself, because tenants and tax office will pay for you. Wealth accumulation with the help of third parties.

Martin Kramer


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Real passive income, conservative real assets, the best locations, high rental income, great tax advantages, tax-free appreciation and real estate that is just booming in the future - these are the topics with which we are familiar, which we also invest ourselves and in which we are absolute professionals.

The strong TEAM with competence.

The basis of our work is always your personal goals and wishes. If we know these, we will find the right real estate solution for you and help you to choose the right property from a wide, market-leading range.

In doing so, we pay attention to the greatest possible safety.


In an individual online appointment, Martin and his team will discuss with you how you too can benefit from the best real estate projects on the market. Acquire real estate, but don't pay for it yourself.

The tenants and the tax office pay for you to build up your assets. This is passive income. This is real estate income.


Martin is Swiss Life Select's most successful real estate specialist in Germany.

For 34 years, he has helped countless clients achieve financial independence through real estate income, and he always invests in the same properties himself, together with his clients. He is an absolute professional.


In times of negative interest rates and again significantly rising inflation, good real estate continues to gain in importance.

Take a look at our seminars to see what is important when selecting properties and what you should pay attention to if you want to use real estate for your passive income with security and success.

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